How to Choose Jewelry for Your Skin Tone


So you’re wondering what to wear with that gorgeous dress you carefully selected for your night out? Well we’ve got you girl! Here’s a brief tip:

When you’re deciding how to accessories, you can go for one of two general looks: bold or subtle. Aside from jewelry size, selecting the right metal color can help you make your statement.

Feeling bold? Chose a piece that contrasts with your skin tone. Prefer to be a minimalist today? Go for a subtle look by matching your jewelry to your skin tone. There are metal color choices that can help you achieve either look.

Here is a fun guide that you can easily adapt to your general skin tone and preferred style.

Dark skinned beauties


If your goal is an attention grabbing effect; flaunt your radiant dark toned skin with metals that contrast against it in color like white gold, light yellow gold or polished silver. If your outfit allows, a light colored lace cuff or a thick silver band will look amazing on you.

As for gems, choose pieces with lighter stones like brilliant diamond, yellow sapphire or aquamarine. Emeralds look stunning on darker skin tones too.

If you want a more subtle minimalistic effect, go for blackened silver or rose gold. Choose jewelry with deeper colored stones like ruby, pink pearls or deep blue sapphire. Rose cut salt and pepper diamonds are extremely trendy now. Go for it girl!

Brown and tan skinned beauties


If you want to pop, stay away form yellow and rose gold pieces, and show off your lovely tan skin with black patina silver, polished silver or white gold. Most stones will pop nicely against your skin, but stay away from brownish stones like almandine garnet, brown topaz or smoky quarts.

If you need a chic discreet look, choose yellow or rose gold which will slightly blend with your skin. Stone wise, to stay minimal, go for yellow or pinkish stones like yellow sapphire, rose quartz, citrine, yellow tourmaline or pink topaz.


Light skinned beauties

For an edgy daring look, contrast your charming porcelain skin tone with darker metals like blackened silver or high carat deep yellow gold. Go for stones like emerald, blue sapphire, ruby or even try some stylish black pearls.

For non-obvious glamour, select a lighter colored metal like polished silver or white gold. For a subtle splash of icing choose white diamonds, white pearls, aquamarine or rose quarts.


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Wanna know more about styling with colors? Wait for our upcoming post: a fun color coordination crash course. Stay tuned!


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