5 Things to Remember When Traveling with Expensive Jewelry


Planning to travel and take some of your expensive jewelry with you? We have 5 tips that will help you keep your jewelry safe and your mind at ease while enjoying your adventure!

1. Be obsessively protective

Always protect your pieces from travel damage by wrapping them up with soft fabric or in velvet pouches to minimize abrasion. Here’s where you can get a super cute fabric jewelry pouch which will help protect your valuables.

The best policy is to keep them in the original boxes they came in when you purchased them. But since that’s extremely space consuming, go for 1 solid box to protect them from being squished and wrap each item in a tissue paper or a piece of soft cloth to keep them from scratching each other. Don’t forget to separate your earring pairs too as they may also scratch each other.

This is my favorite place for travel boxes! Super chic and compact but take a lot of jewelry. Just remember to keep each pieces in its velvet pouch if it came with one.

Did you know that every piece of Masymetric jewelry comes with a complimentary velvet travel pouch exactly for this purpose? Because we know our gals love to take their fabulous jewels with them around the world 

It’s really worth investing in a specialized padded travel bag that will help minimize scratches and tangling.

Packing on a budget? Here’s a trick for chains and soft necklaces, use a small stiff card (you can use the cover of a magazine), make 2 openings for every chain according to its length then thread them through the openings and secure them. You can then roll the card or lay it flat in your travel bag. Check out our free downloadable necklace display/ travel buddy here.

2. Keep them close & lock them up

Always try to pack your expensive jewelry in your carry-on.
If you can’t (or are not taking a carry-on) then invest in a lockable luggage to keep your jewelry safe and your mind at ease, especially if you’ll be stopping for a transit or will be changing planes. This will save you the headache incase the airline misplaces or delays your bag.

If you will be staying at a hotel always keep your expensive jewelry in the room’s safe. Never keep anything displayed around the room.

3. To wear or not to wear 

This is an obvious one, but just to say we’ve covered all the bases here, make sure you never wear your expensive jewelry during the flight. Other than the possible loss during security checks, our body swells up while in the air so stay sans jewelry (mainly rings) or chose something loose and comfortable for your trip.

If you expect glamour right after your flight you can always pack the pieces you want to wear in your hand bag and slip them on just before you land.

4. Just in case

Always take a copy of your original purchase receipt in order to help the authorities find your jewelry in case of loss or theft.

5. Needless to say

Insuring your expensive fine jewelry against theft or loss before traveling is good common sense.

That said it is always better to only take your fun less expensive pieces along on your travels. This way you can enjoy it, and even wear it to the beach guilt free ; )

Have a great trip!

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