Our Special Techniques



Although this technique is known for its unpredictability, we love it because it allows for an incredible amount and a special quality of detail impossible to achieve effectively through the other more reliable techniques like wax carving, roller printing or die forming. Reticulation requires a special silver alloy with a slightly higher copper content. It also requires treating the piece so that it develops two layers with two different melting temperatures within the metal. Using fire, the inner low-melting-point-metal is then allowed to move and expand while the outer high-melting-point-metal does not. The result is an elaborate texture with rich detail and great visual appeal that is unique to each piece. A myriad of extraordinary textures can be achieved by varying the execution of this creative technique.



When silver builds a layer of oxides on its crust, it changes color. The thicker the layer of oxides is, the deeper the color becomes. We oxidize our silver to create the deep grey patina you see on some of our pieces. Oxidation is especially dramatic when used in combination with gold as it helps bring out the richness of gold’s color and makes for an attractive visual contrast.