Our Mission

of Love ❤


Want to know more about how we roll here at Masymetric? This is where we wear our heart on our sleeve.


Masymetric is a world of absolute asymmetry.

It is a place where no two women are ever the same. It is a world where you can absolutely be you. Your style, your colors, your rules, your choices.

A world where going with your gut feeling is totally ok even if it means going against the grain.

A world where contrast is king because you know what they say: opposites attract!

We strive to break the rules sometimes, because creativity is demanding and we respect her very much. She is after all the mother of invention.

Masymetric women are trend setters, leaders and pioneers. We eat copy cats for breakfast, challenges for lunch and naysayers for dinner.

We think conventionalism is boring and should be smothered in its sleep because we enjoy thinking outside the box a little too much!

We welcome happy accidents* with open arms, because they help us learn and grow.

* A happy accident is a success that just happens without you planning it, as a result of a fortunate mistake!


So here's the deal. We at Masymetric vow to always

  • spark your creativity

  • remind you to always be you

  • help you break the rules -as long as you commit no crimes ;)


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Team Masymetric