Jewelry TLC


To keep your new Masymetric piece in pristine condition, follow these simple guidelines and enjoy your ear cuff for a long time.

  • Don’t wear your jewelry when showering or swimming as the chlorine that’s added to the water is harmful to both the metal and the stones.

  • Don’t wear you jewelry in bed. Chains can become tangled easily, you may lose your earrings, or be hurt by ear studs. Our bodies retail fluids during sleep, rings and bracelets may cut off you blood circulation.

  • Always store your jewelry in the packaging it came in as oppose to keeping all your pieces in a common jewelry box. This minimizes their contact with each other extending their finish and luster.

  • If you decide to store all your pieces in one box, make sure each piece has some space around it and no two pieces are in contact. Pro tip: keep each piece in an individual cotton pouch to help protect it.

  • Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. This will protect your it from snagging on your clothes and coming in contact with make up, hair spray, deodorant, perfume, creams, or anything that may tarnish it.

  • Never use any cleaning dips, tarnish removers or any other jewelry cleaning products to clean your Masymetric jewelry, these products will strip away the gold finish on gold plated pieces. Jewelry cleaning products may also cause your jewelry to re-tarnish quickly because they may leave chemical deposits which react with the atmosphere ironically speeding up the next tarnish cycle. Jewelry cleaning products may also hurt your skin.