Download Your To-Go Necklace Display

To Go Necklace.jpg

So you’re going on a fabulous trip soon yay! If only you could find a good way to pack those gorgeous yet oh so stubborn necklaces you love so much without them ending up in a wad of tangled mess. Got you covered sister!

Today my gift to you is a beautiful printable necklace and bracelet display that not only makes it easy to pack your delicate necklaces and bracelets, but also makes for a lovely display you can use at your destination. Now you’ll be able to see all your delicate jewelry nicely arranged when you’re getting ready or planning an outfit while abroad. You can even write notes right there on your printable display, on which pieces go with which outfits, if you’re a planner like me.

Download your printable necklace display here


Pro Tip: 
Remember to be safe when leaving your precious belongings in a hotel room. Always lock your jewelry up in the provided safe and never leave it on display when you’re not in the room.

This lovely package includes 2 displays. A long one, which can hold up to 4 longer necklaces and a short one, which can hold up to 10 soft bracelets or anklets. The first page has assembly instructions.

Now download, print, pack and go! Oh and hey, enjoy  your trip 

Download your printable necklace display here


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