About Mays


In a nut shell

I am an interior designer-turned-jewelry-designer with a degree in Gemmology, an interest in fashion, a fascination in gold and silver and an insatiable thirst for a liberal creative outlet. The fruit of my efforts; Masymetric (a play on my name, Mays, and the word asymmetric), a unique brand that offers limited edition and one of a kind jewelry pieces made only with high grade precious metals. Every piece has a name, and every collection has an enchanting concept.

 My quest is to prove to the world that asymmetry is beautiful. My mediums are gold and silver. My source of inspiration is cosmic beauty, combined with the femininity of flora and fauna. My edge is juxtaposition; soft vs. rough, dark vs. light, texture vs. luster. The result is enchantingly unique jewelry.


How it all started

Both my parents are great crafters, but my dad’s love for fixing things around the house was what started me on the path towards jewelry making. I was his happy little helper on most of his projects.

I started with wood carved jewelry pieces since wood was readily available to me, but that did not satisfy my quest for the visual uniqueness I was after. Later I started experimenting with copper, which opened me up to the world of metals. I bought many books and read hundreds of articles on jewelry making. Then one day I came across silver reticulation, a technique which quickly became my new obsession.

Next I stocked up on the basic tools that I needed to perfect my new favorite technique, gathered up my old unwanted silver jewellery and melted it down to create a lump of silver for experimentation. I worked on my craft after coming back from my job as an interior designer until I felt confidant enough to quit my day job and pursue my jewelry dream full time. Since then I added gold and diamonds to the equation and never looked back.

I was originally based in Dubai, UAE. I moved to Toronto a few years ago to be with my husband. Since moving, I’ve completed my diploma in Gemmology and graduated as a fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association in October 2016.

My journey so far included an interesting learning curve, which helped me blend my design background, craft experience and my experiments with precious metals along with a pinch of my love for asymmetry to come up with a truly distinct jewelry brand.


My Exclusive Techniques

Any handcrafted piece of jewelry starts as a piece of metal sheet or wire. In the beginning of my learning career back in Dubai, I had a bit of difficulty acquiring ready made sheet and wire, thus decided to make my own.

Melting the metal was the easy part, pouring it in to sheet mold and prepping it for rolling was the time consuming one. So I came up with a short cut: melt the metal into “buttons”, hammer them flat, then extract the shapes I need from the resulting sheet. But what I discovered was the interesting organic shape that each button flattened into. because of the rapid movement of the metal, the border would rip into tear lines at the edges that looked almost like flower petals. It was criminal to cut them or tame their wild organic edges, and so there it was; the birth of the organic edge design that has now become the brand’s signature feature.

Mays at Studio.jpg